Production Phase Almost Complete!

It’s been an amazing and hectic 3 months since the end of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. We just returned from a brief trip to New York where we filmed several interviews with former black female activists from the Black Panthers, SNCC, Third World Women’s Alliance, and the National Black Feminist Organization.

Running around the city for 8 hours a day with a suitcase full of equipment was challenging, but ultimately we were so thankful to meet such intelligent, passionate women with vivid stories to tell. It was always clear that my questions evoked memories of some of the most powerful moments in their lives.

As of now, there is only one more scheduled interview to film until the production phase is officially over! Until then, we will begin post-production (editing), which will be a new journey in and of itself. Rough cuts of Reflections Unheard are scheduled for screenings on April 30 and again in early May in Boston. Be sure to check back periodically on our facebook and twitter for more updates and details on upcoming events.

If you’d like to continue supporting the film, please make a donation by clicking the button in the post below, and be sure to share the trailer with others. Enjoy the production photos and media from the trip!

A Change in Plans…Indiegogo!

There has been a minor change in plans. The fundraising campaign for “Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights” will be held at Indiegogo starting October 15, instead of on Kickstarter.

This is an ambitious project, and I want to ensure that ALL donors can receive benefits and rewards for their willingness to contribute to the project, whether or not the initial financial goal is met the first time around. Once the campaign begins, I will be working hard to raise awareness about the film so the fundraising goals can and will be met on time.

I’d also like to send a big THANK YOU to those who have already contributed. I will be contacting each of you individually to receive the perks and rewards that other donors will be receiving from the campaign.

For those who don’t wait to wait until October 15 and would like to contribute now, please feel free to donate here.

For more details, be sure to stay posted on the film’s facebook and twitter. Thanks!